Animal Statistics

Every Outcome is Important

Nassau Humane Society (NHS) tracks the status of every pet using a nationally recognized standard. The data provides a detailed breakdown of the health and adoption status of every animal in our care.

Adoptions in 2019: 97.63% Save Rate

NHS adopted 1,337 animals in 2019, with a 97.63% save rate. Our
adoption rate consistently grows year after year. In 2018 NHS found
homes for 1,175 animals with a save rate of 98.22%.

The totals confirm that again in 2019, NHS was a “no-kill” shelter.   The generally accepted standard for “no-kill” status is a save rate of at least 90% for 12 consecutive months.

Pets at NHS remain available for adoption as long as necessary and are never euthanized for space reasons.

The NHS save rate of 97.63% includes 1,079 animals transferred to NHS from other animal welfare agencies (such as humane societies and animal control agencies) located in Florida, Georgia and elsewhere. These animals were given a “second chance” at finding a home through NHS, and for many, time and resources had run out at their original shelters. Many also received medical care through NHS, such as life-saving heartworm treatment, that their original shelters could not provide.

The save rate, calculated according to the nationally recognized Asilomar Standard, reflects the many options for pets that come to the shelter besides adoption, such as animal transfers and animals who are returned to their owner. NHS is confident in its adoption figures because staffers conduct monthly physical inventories and spot audits.

We appreciate the hard work and dedication of our NHS staff and volunteers, and the generosity of our donors and sponsors, for making these life-saving achievements possible.

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