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9/24/19: Our Bahamas hurricane dogs passed their quarantine with flying colors, and they’re ready to meet you!

We all celebrated today with a “Podcake Playgroup” where we got to see these great dogs in action. They’re friendly and affectionate, and get along well with each other — even sharing kisses, as you can see here.

Playgroups are so important in shelters. They offer the chance for the dogs to be dogs and to learn dog-appropriate behavior from each other. Staff learns so much in these groups about the personalities and preferences of the dogs too. Most of our “Podcakes” are available for adoption now! Please stop by and see them — they are TRUE rescue dogs!


9/23/19: Please join Nassau Humane Society Tuesday, Sept. 24 at 11 a.m. (yes we are opening early) for a Potcake Playgroup Party!
Two weeks ago today, our team was on the ground helping bring 30 dogs from the Bahamas to NHS. They have been quarantined and revaccinated per the protocols set in place, and Tuesday we are going to have the Potcake Playgroup Party at our shelter!
If you are interested in coming to meet and possibly adopt one of these sweet dogs, please come join us!
We are SO excited to kick off National Dog Week with a celebration like this!
We look forward to seeing you Tuesday morning at 11! Meantime, please scroll down to see some of the Potcakes we have spotlighted while we were waiting for them to successfully complete their quarantine.

9/22/19: Forest is a Sunday kind of guy, because it’s a good day for taking it easy — and that’s  what Forest likes to do! He’s a handsome, laid-back fellow, and he’d love to share his Sundays — and every day — with you. Please come see Forest!


9/21/19: Fineen and Foxworth have a true bromance! They’re always roughhousing and goofing around. Total sweethearts who melt your heart with their award-winning smiles!


9/20/19: Meet Bo Peep and Trinity! These two ladies are quite the mix of friends.
Bo Peep is more reserved and the daintier of the two, and a lover of flowers.
Trinity is full throttle out of the kennel and then ready to get down to the business of being loved on.


9/19/19: Delilah is all about snuggles. So sweet and well-mannered, Delilah loves lounging with sun on her face and rolling in the grass. If you are looking for a low-key couch buddy, Delilah is going to be your girl!


9/18/19: Maddie is a bit on the shy side when solo, but loosens right up with a canine companion. She has strikingly beautiful chocolate highlights when the light hits her face.
Maddie enjoyed her yard time with Nate today.

9/17/19:  Meet Mulligan! This handsome boy is a joy to be around.
So funny and lively. He is sure to make anyone smile.

9/16/19: Meet Mai Tai and Martin!
These adorable boys are sure to make you smile with their playful attitude and loving personalities. Both of these guys have a blast with toys are very social.

9/15/19: Meet Nori and Jackobee!
Nori was the first Bahamas dog to get off the plane that brought our Potcake dogs to the United States. She immediately became a favorite. Gentle and sweet, with such a sweet presence about her.
Her kennel-mate and friend Jackobee is a silly younger boy who is picking up a lot of Nori’s sweet habits, like leaning in for pets, and good leash manners.
These two are going to make amazing additions to families!

9/14/19: Nassau Humane Society’s “Meet the Potcake” dogs of the day are Abbott and Jimmy Chew.
These handsome guys are the best of friends here and are often seen using each other as pillows or seats! They both are very affectionate and love treats.

9/13/19: Ulan is our day 2 feature “Potcake.”

Many of you are asking, “What exactly is a “Potcake”?” Here is the story of the Potcake:
It’s the name given to the dogs of the Bahamas and the Turks & Caicos Islands. It came about because the locals fed the caked remains of their cooking pot to the dogs. As generations have passed, Potcakes have evolved into a breed, which is extremely smart, loyal and loving.

Potcakes are rescued from around the islands of the Turks & Caicos. Litters of puppies as well as individual pups are found wandering without their littermates. They may be found by tourists while they are out exploring, or locals in their backyard or while working on construction sites.

Potcakes can range between 35 and 75 pounds, but most grow to be approximately 45 pounds.

Ulan fits that description perfectly. He is a very smart, social boy who adores being the center of attention. We have been told he does not like other male dogs, however we have not seen him act adversely to any of the other dogs through our kennels. We will know more once they are out of the precautionary quarantine.


9/12/19: Many of you are asking about getting to know the Potcake dogs NHS took in after Dorian from The Voiceless Dogs of Nassau, Bahamas. We have decided to feature a few each day so yo can get to know them as we do. (The dogs are not yet available for adoption.)

Our first new Potcake dog is Salvatore.

We were told Salvatore was hit by a car some time ago and was taken in by Chella Phillips and her rescue organization. Salvatore was paralyzed in his hind end initially. Through time and veterinary care Salvatore has learned to walk again and lives a mostly normal life. He does have difficulty with his back end and can experience incontinence and bowel issues because of his condition.

We are working with our medical team to evaluate how we can help Salvatore continue to improve. He is a very sweet, lovable boy.