This is what your donations, hours volunteered, Facebook shares and help make possible. Cole came to Nassau Humane Society from a very rural open-admission shelter. The very next morning he tested positive for parvo. Thank to your efforts Cole, now Gauge, has recovered and is in his forever home!   (6-10-19)

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Friends and Supporters,

This is Cole. Cole came to NHS late Saturday afternoon from a rural open-admission Florida shelter where he ended up as a stray. This morning we noticed something was wrong. After following veterinary protocols Cole tested positive for parvo, a potentially life-threatening virus.

We immediately began treatment for Cole, which we are told will run between $2,000 and $3,000. We will fight for Cole. We need your support to do so.

We have a fund, called Milo’s Fund, where we set aside donations to treat extraordinary medical needs for animals who otherwise may not be treated in other shelter settings. However, in the past few months we have medically treated over 20 dogs that have transferred in from hoarding cases and other shelters for things such as severe dental disease, abscesses and life-threatening hernias, orthopedic cases, a previous dog with parvo and now Cole. So Milo’s Fund is in need of support.

If you are able and willing, please help us fight for Cole by donating. Every donation helps not only Cole but all of the others we continue to fight for every day. Please click here to donate online, or you can mail your donation to NHS at 639 Airport Road, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034, or drop by during our business hours to donate in person.

As always, thank you for your support.

Christina Sutherin, Nassau Humane Society