NHS rescues 30 small dogs

Update March 6, 2019 (scroll down for earlier reports)
Hedwig and Cecilia are our first two breeder dogs headed to homes!*Please note, very few of the 30 saved are available after spay/neuter as 19 also need extreme dental work first. We don’t want to put them under anesthesia multiple times.

We have many OTHER dogs awaiting homes, though. Please check out our website or stop in our Adoption Center.

Update March 5, 2019

Watch video update from First Coast News  

Watch video update from Action News Jax

Update March 5, 2019

Thank you everyone for your support! You amaze us and allow us to save these babies.

Please note again, we CANNOT manage calls and messages about adopting the 30 small breeds right now. Please understand that we need to get them proper care first.

There is no foster or adoption wait list at this time.

If you follow this website or our Facebook page, you will know as soon as they are ready for homes. We will be looking for fosters for the ones that need surgery. A total of 19 need dentals.

We also have many OTHER dogs and cats already who would LOVE a home now though.

Thank you.

Update March 4, 2019    (scroll down for earlier reports)

Got teeth?

Our vet has confirmed that at least 19 of the 30 small breed dogs we recently rescued will need dentals and multiple teeth extractions.

This breeder shutdown situation was completely unexpected and we responded on a moment’s notice. Therefore, is not something we had time to save funds towards.

Please consider “Donating to Dentals” for these sweet babies.


If you prefer to write a check, that info is included as well. We can’t thank you enough for your support. These little hearts thank you even more!

Update March 4, 2019

Thank you Hot Paws & Tavo.
You are our dream team. We can’t wait until the after photos!
Here is the good news!
These dogs are all relatively social, therefore we believe they will be ready for adoption sooner than later. Please do not call or ask when, simply follow this page or our website for updates.
What we desperately need right now are donations for the medical cases.
1). Two with huge hernias (updated from one)
2). One having severe seizures
3). One fully blind
4). One that the mother ate the baby’s eye out.
5). All 30 need to be spayed/neutered/vaccinated/microchipped & lots require dentals with teeth extractions.

Please donate here:

Or send Wish List of supplies:

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Thank you, thank you!

Update  March 3, 2019

Thank you!! Thank you more than words for helping us through another very emotional animal rescue case. We truly could not do this without YOU, our supporters.

We also continue to ask for patience. We are triaging the most in need, but it takes time to assess, feed, clean, groom, vaccinated and medicate 30 unplanned-for dogs. As a reminder, this is in the midst of our normal operations & many other dogs & cats already in our care. Some of our staff has not slept.

We already have help for baths & grooms, which we super appreciate. Thank you Hot Paws!

March 2, 2019 Coverage by Action News Jax

March 2, 2019  Coverage by News4Jax

March 2, 2019 More photos of the rescued dogs, at intake.

March 1, 2019  Please read all of this closely. PLEASE.

We currently are bringing 30 small breed dogs into NHS from a “licensed breeder” that has kept these babies in horrendous condition. We cannot speak to the legal case or location at all.

Please please please do not call us yet. We truly do not have the ability to manage calls at this time. We must focus on cleaning these dogs up. There is no wait list to adopt. We cannot do that. We have plenty of other dogs that are needing homes now that have been with us for months.

We already have help for baths & grooms, which we super appreciate.

Here is the good news!

These dogs are all somewhat social, so we believe they will be ready for adoption sooner than later.

What we need right now are donations for the medical cases.

1) One with a huge tumor/hernia
2) One having severe seizures
3) One fully blind
4) One that the mother ate the babies eye out.
5) All 30 to be spayed/neutered/vaccinated/microchipped


This is just what we have observed so far. We will update as we assess each dog in the light of day.

We have plenty of food, thankfully. No food or towels are needed.

We will update a supplies list tomorrow once we determine needs. Please donate if you are able.

Most of all, if you see neglect & abuse, please report it. And keep reporting it until you get a response, even if it takes years.

Thank you so so much for loving our animals.