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To see our adoptable dogs, please click here — the Puerto Rican dogs are Anita, Bonita, Catalina, Christina, Esteban, Maceo, Sole (pronanouced So-LAY), Valentina and Vida. (As they are adopted or pre-adopted  they will be removed from the adoptions page.) 

Updated Sunday, Oct. 11, 2020 — The Nassau Humane Society is partnering in a mission to rescue more than 100 dogs from an overcrowded animal sanctuary in Puerto Rico. About 15 of them have arrived at our shelter and are now available for adoption or pre-adoption!

“There is a huge problem with stray animals in Puerto Rico,” NHS Operations Manager Mandy Holden said. Multiple shelters are stretched beyond capacity, according to organizers of the evacuation effort.

One Puerto Rican animal sanctuary has been overwhelmed with more than 800 dogs. Big Dog Ranch Rescue in Palm Beach County organized an airlift to bring more than 100 dogs from that sanctuary to the U.S. on Oct. 9.

“On being asked to participate in this life-saving mission, we immediately arranged to drive our shelter’s rescue van to Palm Beach County and committed to bring back at least 14 dogs,” Mandy said.

Big Dog Ranch and Nassau Humane are the only Florida rescues involved, with most of the other dogs being sent to New York and New Jersey.

Speaking from the tarmac at Palm Beach International Airport, Mandy said the sanctuary “was trying to save them off the streets,”  but lacked the resources to care for so many animals.

Once the dogs destined for NHS arrived, they were evaluated by our NHS veterinarian and  assessed both medically and behaviorally, said NHS Director Debbie Chissell. They were cleared for adoption or pre-adoption and posted to the NHS Dog Adoptions Page on Sunday.

“Regardless of the expense and with the help and generosity of our great community, NHS helps animals in need, such as these dogs,” Debbie said. In recent years Nassau Humane has found homes for dogs from storm-ravaged areas of Florida, Texas and the Bahamas; hoarding and abuse cases; and dogs rescued from a “meat farm” in South Korea.

Nassau Humane Society is a not-for-profit, “no-kill” animal shelter at 639 Airport Road in Fernandina Beach. To donate toward the care of these dogs, please click here or call NHS at (904) 321-1647.