New adoption process!

If you have visited our NHS Adoption Center recently, you may have noticed a few changes in our process. Previously, people asked to see what kind of dogs (or cats) we have… and off we went to walk through the kennel. Recently, we’ve considered taking a step back from that approach because…

** When unknown people walk through the kennel, every dog goes into high alert, “Pick me, PICK ME PLEASE!!!”

** They also think they are about to come out of their cage, only to be let down when not.

These behaviors are not healthy for the dog or helpful to the potential adopter. Therefore our new process is more of a customized approach:

1) First, sit with an Animal Care Specialist and let us know your preferences: good with other dogs, cats, kids, under a certain weight, etc.

2) View our available pets that fit your criteria on a computer to narrow down who you would like to meet. If your apartment doesn’t allow certain breeds, no sense meeting those.

3) Relax while we bring different dogs to you!

If you still haven’t found “the one,” no worries. We’ll happily walk you through to see others. But we’d like to try this way first.

Please feel free to give us your feedback along the way, and thanks in advance for your understanding during this transition!