Donate a Treat from our Wish List

Items used for our canines:
Squeeze cheese
Nylabones (all sizes)
Kuranda Beds
Kongs (all sizes)
Nylon leashes
Martingale collars (small and medium)
Canned food (puppy and adult)
Dry food (puppy and adult)
Toys (all types)
Nylon slip leads
Small chewy soft treats to use for dog training
Milk Replacement for puppies
Peanut Butter
Organic coconut oil
4”x4” gauze pads
Doggie Poop Bags
Wee wee Pads

Items used for felines:
Canned food (kitten and adult)
Dry food (kitten and adult)
Clay, non-clumping litter
Toys (all types)
Soft cat treats
Milk Replacement for kittens
Cardboard/shoe boxes
Items used to keep the shelter clean and free of illness:
Tall kitchen garbage bags
Heavy duty trash bags
Dawn Dish Soap
Bottled window cleaner
Scrub brushes (long handled)
Squeegees (long handled)
Laundry Soap
Automatic Dishwasher
Soap Paper Towels
3M green scrubbing pads

Items used to keep our humans healthy and free of illness:
Hand sanitizer – pump style
Disposable latex exam gloves (Med & Large)
Disposable nitrile exam gloves (Med)
Hand soap – pump style
Items used to support our administrative staff:
Printer paper
Toner cartridges (we recycle empty toner cartridges)
Paper Clips
Post-It Notes
AA & AAA batteries
Postage stamps

Other items that help keep our costs down:
Gas cards (to transport animals from kill shelters)
Storage bins with lids
Banker boxes, printer paper boxes with lids for storage
Home Improvement
Store gift cards