When NHS was asked to take an additional mom and “new pups” the day before a scheduled transport from a rural open-admission,  all-outdoor panhandle shelter with no heat was supposed to happen, we said yes, of course.

Snowflake came to NHS on 1/4/2020 with five less than 1 week old puppies. Staff immediately fell in love with this sweet mama and her pups. She is small, loving, friendly and a wonderful mom.

Despite having heated kennels we didn’t want this mom and pups in a kennel so we cleared out an office and gave it to Snowflake and her pups to be warm and safe in.

In mid-January, staff noticed the pups having difficulty moving around and having some tremors. During their weekly exam by veterinary staff they were diagnosed with Shaking Puppy Syndrome.

This is hereditary. There is no treatment to cure, just monitor and assistance. Most dogs grow out of the majority of symptoms by 1.5 years. Hyrdotherapy can help and they need to be monitored.

We are thankful that NHS has taken in these puppies and has the opportunity to help these puppies find homes when they are old enough. Many shelter do not have the support from volunteers, fosters, donors and staff like we do.

We would like to set up supportive care and do everything we can for these puppies and their future adopters.

If you would like to help with their care or the care of any of the medically needy animals we take in throughout the year please donate here. Thank you so very much.