UPDATE, Tuesday, Sept. 8 — Our small dogs are now available and are posted on our adoption page! In addition we have also posted 3 dogs from Louisiana  who arrived last night, who lost their homes in Hurricane Laura. They are Peloton, Sebastian and Sterling. The small dogs range in age from 4 months to seniors. We will be adding pictures and info on all of them as soon as possible. In the meantime, please come on over and meet them! Our adoption center at 639 Airport Road in Fernandina Beach is open today, 11-5. And if you would like to help us with their expenses, you can make a donation here, call us at (904) 321-1647 or visit our shelter, 639 Airport Road in Fernandina Beach. Thank you!
(In photo, Gracie Redden and Mandy Holden of our staff with Peloton on arrival Monday night.)

UPDATE, Monday, Sept. 7, 2020 — We have great news about our newest little dogs who came in last week. They have been settling in well at the shelter over the last few days.
Yesterday, our wonderful vet came in to do full exams on all of these pups. Many tested positive for heartworms and various skin issues. Quite a few came in with previous medical conditions that seem to have healed. Gypsy, as seen in the pictures, has a mass on his chest and will need to be seen by a specialist.
Between our wonderful veterinary team and kennel staff, everyone has been working hard to build trust in these dogs. They are very shy and have a long way to go in trusting people, and they will need a quiet, patient home with a loving family to blossom and build love and trust. We are recommending no children under the age of 16. Heartworm treatment for those who need it will be provided and paid for by NHS.
If you are interested in meeting these fabulous pups, you are welcome to come to the shelter during normal business hours to see  them. If you would like to help out by donating toward their extensive medical needs, like Gypsy’s, donations can be made at the shelter, by phone at 904-321-1647, or simply by clicking here.
We cannot thank everyone enough for expressing concern and interest in their story, and we can’t wait to share how things progress for all 20 of these dogs.


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Sept. 5, 2020 — The Nassau Humane Society has welcomed 20 small dogs surrendered by their owner in Duval County, and will be seeking forever homes for them in the coming days.

The dogs include Chihuahua mixes, Dachshund mixes and Chiweenies, and range in age from 4 months to seniors, said NHS Director Debbie Chissell. They arrived Friday from Animal Care and Protective Services in Jacksonville, and are being checked out by NHS’s medical and behavioral staff before being offered for adoption. Some could become available on Tuesday, Sept. 8.

Debbie said the dogs lived with two people in Duval County, but one passed away and the remaining owner, who is in her 80s, couldn’t care for them by herself. They were surrendered to ACPS, which reached out to Nassau Humane Society to help.

“We are very happy to partner with animal welfare organizations that reach out to us to help animals in need,” Debbie said.

Debbie said all of the animals will need vaccinations and some will need spay-neuter surgeries, which NHS will pay for. Some of the dogs appear to have eye issues that will probably require treatment or surgery, and some may also need grooming and additional medical procedures.

“It’s going to be time-consuming for our staff, and costly,” she said. “We are glad to do it, but if anyone could offer a financial donation to help us with the unexpected costs, we would greatly appreciate it.”

Donations can be made online at this link, or at the shelter, 639 Airport Road in Fernandina Beach, (904) 321-1647.
As the dogs are cleared for adoption, they will be posted on this website. Dogs requiring spay-neuter will be posted for pre-adoption pending their surgeries.

NHS will also post updates on its Facebook page, and would appreciate users spreading the word to help find homes for the new arrivals, and all of NHS’s available dogs and cats.