Medical Sponsorships

We take in many animals who have significant medical needs. Our mission aims to provide them with every medical option possible and place them up for adoption once medically cleared.  We rely on medical sponsors to help us with this extraordinary care, and we could not save the lives of these animals if it were not for the generosity of our medical sponsorship donors. Nassau Humane Society receives no tax dollars for the animals in our care and our facility is funded completely from private donations.

If you would like to donate toward the medical costs for one of our loving animals, please see the profiles listed below. Animals in need of sponsorship are not yet available for adoption, but their profiles have special photos and instructions on how you can help them get to that point!

Pets Available for Sponsorship

Lincoln, Shep, Phish and Chips

Nassau Humane Society is committed to the animals entrusted in our care. Recently our staff and volunteers have witnessed several animals in need of some extensive continued veterinary care. We are so thankful for our friends and partners at Fernandina Beach Animal Hospital for working with us and our animals.

1) Lincoln was brought in several months ago as a high heartworm positive stray. He recently began having seizures. After getting his seizures under control and being in a foster home some signifigant changes in Lincoln were seen by vet staff, his foster and shelter staff. Lincoln has now been referred to a Veterinary Neurologist and will likely need an MRI for further diagnosis.

2) Shep has had a rough life all around. On Wednesday staff noticed he seemed depressed and didn't want to eat breakfast. He spent the day and night at the vet office undergoing observation and testing. Due to some abnormalities in his bloodwork Shep will having an ultrasound done for further diagnosis.

3) Phish and Chips are Doberman siblings who were pulled from County shelter after they were found as strays. After battling kennel cough, Chips started having nose bleeds. He has was seen by several vets and has been diagnosed with Von Willebrand Disease (a blood clotting disorder). Chips is in an experienced foster home now. His sister, Phish, is being seen for leg swelling and to be tested for Von Willebrands.

If you would like to help with medical costs form these dogs or the other animals NHS helps daily please make a donation or stop in the shelter and meet the animals your donations help.

NHS has two special funds to help pay for our pets' medical care. MILO'S FUND is set up to pay for special surgeries that are more expensive than the regular medical care our animals receive. The WAGS FUND pays for heartworm-positive NHS dogs to receive life-saving treatment, and allows us to rescue heartworm-positive dogs from other shelters who otherwise might never be treated. You can designate that your donation to NHS will go directly to one of these very special funds. For more information, please email us at, and thank you!