Medical Sponsorships

We take in many animals who have significant medical needs. Our mission aims to provide them with every medical option possible and place them up for adoption once medically cleared.  We rely on medical sponsors to help us with this extraordinary care, and we could not save the lives of these animals if it were not for the generosity of our medical sponsorship donors. Nassau Humane Society receives no tax dollars for the animals in our care and our facility is funded completely from private donations.

If you would like to donate toward the medical costs for one of our loving animals, please see the profiles listed below. Animals in need of sponsorship are not yet available for adoption, but their profiles have special photos and instructions on how you can help them get to that point!

Pets Available for Sponsorship


Brewski is a very sweet two-year-old Great Dane mix, and one of our medical sponsorship success stories! When he came to us, he had a blown ACL in his back left leg and a partially torn ACL in his back right leg.  Surgery costing thousands of dollars would be needed. A generous donor sponsored Brewski's surgery, and he recuperated in foster for about 3 1/2 months. Now he has recovered, and on Oct. 23 he became available for adoption! Described as a "gentle giant" by those who know him best, Brewski would make a wonderful addition to any dog lover's home. Our sincere thanks to the generous donor who sponsored his surgery and made it possible for Brewski to be ready for a forever home.

NHS has two special funds to help pay for our pets' medical care. MILO'S FUND is set up to pay for special surgeries that are more expensive than the regular medical care our animals receive. The WAGS FUND pays for heartworm-positive NHS dogs to receive life-saving treatment, and allows us to rescue heartworm-positive dogs from other shelters who otherwise might never be treated. You can designate that your donation to NHS will go directly to one of these very special funds. For more information, please email us at, and thank you!